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Blockchain FM Radio » Crypto Assets Conference 2019


Come to see us!
Date : 26 / Feb / 2019
Time : 08:45 - 17:30
Address : Frankfurt School Adickesallee 32-34 60322 Frankfurt am Main

Crypto Assets Conference 2019

Frankfurt, Germany

The year 2017 was a booming year for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. In 2018 the industry had major problems and concerns about the new disruptive technology – similar to the development of the dot-com bubble 20 years ago.
But new approaches to further implement the blockchain technology arise:

  • STOs are the new, mature version of ICOs and many expect STOs to disrupt entrepreneurial and corporate finance.
  • Many countries are bringing new regulations to benefit from blockchain technology.
  • Big companies are filing for blockchain patents, mass adoption is just a matter of time.

Having those developments in mind, the Crypto Assets Conference 2019 brings technology experts, thought-leaders, industry innovators, crypto investors, and blockchain entrepreneurs together to discuss the future of blockchain and its implications on the world. As part of the German Blockchain Week, we are happy to invite you to many exclusive side events taking place in Frankfurt and Darmstadt accompanying the conference.
We are looking forward to meeting you to join our discussion!

Concert Promo Video

Sunil Agarwal Interview // Industry Interaction Series
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