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21 January 2019

Industry Interaction Series_IIS04_Ramakrishna

In the fourth episode of the introductory Industry Interaction Series, we speak to Ramkrishna (Ramki) the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Zoreum BlockChain Labs Pvt Ltd.

Popularly know as RK in Fintech circle, he is an Alumni of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He is a Techno entrepreneur, has founded Pranco Blockchain Technologies Pvt. Ltd specialized in Block Chain Technologies and P2P decentralized modules. A professional business coach and mentor, he is dedicated to enabling the achievement of innate entrepreneurial potential, particularly in high-growth economies.
He helps to grow early-stage start-ups into successful businesses, has a strong network of Angel investors and venture capitalists in Asian & emerging financial markets.
He is experienced in technology sales and product management with sectors like Pharma, IT, supply chain, healthcare, real estate.

He is an ICO consultant/promoter/Investor/researcher and an experienced entrepreneur with start-ups spanning digital media, online and offline retail, B2B, logistics, and recruitment of right talent.
In his latest stint as CEO of Zoreum labs, he is promoting the development of 3 apps, one in the pharma space called Aslimedicine.

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